Happy Paws

The complete step- by-step guide to creating stress-free nail care

You want to cut your dog’s nails yourself but...

the thought of it stresses you out?


being able to care for your dogs nails yourself, without…

  • Traumatizing your dog (and yourself!)

  • Being scared of hitting the vein

  • Wrestling or holding your d1 Columnog down

  • Feeling guilty that you let it go for so long!

AND all while being in the comfort of your own home, creating a spa like

experience for your dog!


The step by step course that gives you the tools (and confidence!) you need to

make it happen!

I know you have your doubts, like:

  • My dog is terrified and I can’t go near him with the clippers

  • My dog growls if I try to wipe his paws, never mind clipping his nails!

  • Won’t I need something more personalized for my individual dog?

  • I easily get overwhelmed, and I don’t know where I would even start!

    But most important: Cutting their nails STRESSES ME OUT!

This is where Happy Paws comes in!

You'll learn:

1- How to make your dog happy and relaxed

2- Teach them to participate in their care to reduce stress

3- Teach them to be comfortable with having their paws handled

4- Which tools to use and how to properly use them

5- How to cut black nails properly and safely

Hi, 👋 I'm Katherine, pro dog trainer and creator of Dog Inspired.

I can confidently say that the process that I share in this course has been a total GAME CHANGER for my dogs and I.

After one of my videos of doing Harlow’s nails went viral on social media, I was getting flooded with messages from pet parents just like you!

Within 4 months

I went from having a dog who ran away when I touched the nail clipper (he would be shaking, avoiding me at all costs), to laying down calmly, letting me hold his paws, clip AND smooth out his nails!

I teach you my entire step by step process to getting your dog’s nails done, WITHOUT stress!!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to set up you and your dog up for success with my pro trainer tips

  • How to read dog body language and know exactly what to do when you see signs stress

  • How to teach your dog to participate in their nail care

  • Which tool you should use and how to properly and safely use them

In this course, you'll also get

Step by Step Tutorial Videos

Learn how to complete each step of the plan with a guided visuals

Written Checklists

Keep track of of your progress and know exactly where to go next!

Exclusive Facebook Group

Access out community for extra support and guidance

Ready To Make Nail Care Stress-Free?

Your dog will be so happy that you did!

Now, Imagine this:

Your dog’s nails are getting long.

You take out your nail clippers and a handful of treats.

Your dog happily walks up to you, and lays down, ready for a pawdicure!

  • All without struggle, without trauma and without stress.

  • No more traumatizing vet visits

  • No more extra long nails

  • No more anxiety, for you AND your dog!

This course is designed to help pet parents achieve stress-

free nail care

This course is for you if:

  • Your dog HATES getting their nails trims

  • Your dog growls at you when you touch their paws

  • Your dog is a puppy and you want to get started on the right paw

  • Your dog seems okay but doing their nails stresses YOU out!

Ready To Make Nail Care Stress-Free?

Your dog will be so happy that you did!

Your Investment

Regular Price: $99



I’m not a dog trainer, will I be able to do this program?

My intent was to create a course for dog guardians, not other trainers. Which means I break down the process into bite size steps that you can easily follow along using the videos and checklists.

How long will it take to get through this program?

First, you have life time access, it never expires. You don’t need to rush through the process and just take your time. How long it takes to achieve your goals will depend on a few factors such as previous experience, how quickly they learn, how you follow the steps and the tool you use.

I have an older dog, can they still learn?

Ever hear the phrase, “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Well, it’s a total lie. Any dog, at any age can learn. Even with some trauma in their past.

What support do you offer students who need extra help?

Access to the course also includes access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions and share your training journey with fellow students. I am there to answer questions and I am always available for consults should you need more guidance.

I have trouble completing courses and staying motivated…

Each lesson has an action step where I ask you to complete a small homework task, whether it’s sharing something in the group, printing out a worksheet and filling it it or getting yourself setup to be ready at any moments notice. The group is also a great place to stay motivated, seeing others stories, chatting with people who are in the same boat as you, is also a great way to build a sense of community and get some accountability buddies!

What is this doesn’t work for me?

Can I get a refund?

Success and progress are dependent on a number of factors including,

  • Your dog’s previous history

  • Your dog’s ability to learn

  • Your consistency to the training

  • Your ability to follow to the program and the guidelines to achieve success

In dog training, there is never guarantees, it would be unethical to give one. But I can promise, is that you will have ALL the tools at your fingertips to be successful and guide you through this program.

As a small business owner we do not offer refunds. Please be 100% ready before enrolling.

Ready To Make Nail Care Stress-Free?

Your dog will be so happy that you did!

Hey There!

I'm Katherine Davidson​

I love puppies and I'm a total behaviour geek! I enjoy watching new puppy parents thrive in their roles of raising the BEST puppy ever!​

Author, course creator and professional dog trainer from Montreal Canada.

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